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Global Business Skills Courses

Global Business Skills Courses

Becoming a global business ninja is more than just skill - it's also about flexibility and focus. We've been training clients for +10 years in how to succeed internationally.

Courses in International Marketing

We design and run specialist courses for marketing professionals looking for support and guidance in conducting campaigns with an international flavour.

Marketing at home is very different to abroad; no matter whether you are targeting a country or a region you need to understand the cultural differences.

Our marketing training courses help set out the fundamentals to marketing abroad as well as giving learners the tools and insights needed for success with their own specific campaigns.

We provide both “adapted” as well as “bespoke” courses. Adapted courses are essentially pre-packaged programmes which are tweaked by the trainer for the audience/client whereas bespoke are completely tailor-made to a client’s brief.

Culturally-Conscious Marketing Courses

Our courses are designed for anyone working within international marketing, at any level, that wants training in global marketing generally, regional marketing or country-targeted marketing.

We cover all aspects of marketing dependent on the audience and client, covering every angle needed from online and offline options to communication styles to community building to marketing channels to strategy.

  • Adapted & Bespoke options
  • Online tools access
  • Fresh content
  • Interactive training ethos
  • Multilingual delivery
  • Global reach
  • Country-specific marketing experts
  • Global marketing trainers
  • Online & offline specialists

Training Content

When developing course content for our clients, we are either adapting our course on international marketing to their needs, or we are starting from scratch and designing something just for them.

Either way our specialist marketing training consultants will draw on factors such as the types of campaign you are running, the industry in which your company operates, the nature of the target audience and the languages and products involved. The training consultant will then use these factors as drivers when developing and building an appropriate course.

High-level areas which are usually covered in adapted courses include (but are not limited to):

  • Background to international marketing
  • Cultural drivers and consumer values of your target audience
  • Marketing mediums within your target international country
  • Building positive and appropriate relationships with your target audience
  • Marketing behaviours which will distance and offend your audience
  • Managing language barriers through translation, localisation and adaptation

If you are interested in this course, please contact us and we can send a more detailed outline of course contents.

When providing the bespoke service, the content will be developed and delivered in line with your unique business needs ensuring that it has impact and relevance over the long term.

As a result, every course we provide in this way has its own unique content and title. Examples of recent titles include:

  • Planning your International Marketing Strategy
  • Cultural Buying Habits in your International Target Audience
  • Managing Translation and Localisation in Marketing Materials
  • Marketing Mediums in your International Target Country
  • Marketing via Email Campaigns
  • Social Media as a Marketing tool in your International Target Audience

Case Study
Our client is a UK electronics company which has become a global brand. In recent years the brand has pushed into The Gulf region. Keen to continue with the success, the marketing team invested in a bespoke course to help them understand the cultural landscape of the region – both marketing-wise as well as national and cultural differences they needed to be aware of.
The course we delivered helped the team better define their best potential markets, the channels they felt would work best for them and the approaches they could take.
With a sense of direction and confidence the team went on to implement a successful marketing plan to support the company’s sales aspirations regionally.

Training Style

Our trainers are first and foremost marketers. They all come with solid marketing experience globally as well as within specific countries.

We stress fun, engaging, self-reflective and collaborative learning. Although we are able to match the training style needed for the audience, we find that a more relaxed, explorative approach leads to a much more fruitful training course.

Packed with practical examples, activities and experiences our training courses are designed to help apply learning from the training room immediately to roles.

We don’t necessarily bow to convention when it comes to training days – so if you have something different in mind, don’t be shy to ask!

Next Steps

Simply contact us with some information about the kind of marketing training help you need. One of the team will then be in touch to discuss options.

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