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 Experts in Country-Specific Cross-Cultural Training

Experts in Country-Specific Cross-Cultural Training

Looking for cultural insights into a particular country? We have been designing and delivery cultural awareness courses for +10 years - flexible, tailored, quality global training whether SME or FTSE500.

iraq culture training

The current fragile political and security situation in Iraq means that is a challenging and high risk country to work with, but with proper guidance and support, vast commercial opportunities can be open to you.

  • Discover the way in which Iraqi culture influences business transactions
  • Learn how to understand Iraqi cultural cues and how to respond to them
  • Understand how to develop meaningful and trusting relationships with your Iraqi counterparts


Who Do Our Iraq Training Courses Help?

We help all types and sizes of business to get to grips with the way things work in Iraq and how to make sure they enter the marketplace with the right mentality and skill-set.

This includes:

  • Exporters & importers looking to work in Iraq
  • Businesses needing help with multi-cultural team building
  • Professionals relocating to Iraq for work
  • Managers with responsibility for Iraqi staff  


Our Iraq cultural awareness courses are perfect for anyone relocating to Iraq, working with Iraqi colleagues, seeking to negotiate contracts in Iraq or establish any other kind of business relationship in the country.

+10 years’ Experience Delivering Iraqi Cultural Awareness Training


Case Study - Preparing Iraq-bound Engineers

Our client operates a contract out of Iraq which requires regular trips by engineers from around the world into Iraq for short-term contracts. They work across locations in Iraq, not just in Baghdad.

We provide training and support for all engineers going to Iraq for the first time, covering all elements of safety and of course the cultural climate they will find themselves working in. On top of this we also provide consultancy to the wider team on challanges they face maintaing the contract and the relationship with the Iraqi client.


Insights into Iraqi Culture: Training Course Content

We firmly believe that cultural understanding engenders positive and productive international relationships.

We are 100% completely committed to finding solutions that whole-heartedly reflect and accommodate your specific business requirements.

We do of course have set course outlines for the more basic requests but the majority of our clients have very specific, business centric training needs.  They like the fact that we are different, have our own take on culture and learning, adopt new techniques and don’t feel the need to stick to any type of norm. We are totally committed to breaking down barriers and helping people get along.

Below is a list of core elements which are often incorporated, in some form, into our training delivery:

Defining Iraq

  • Brief history
  • Current demographic trends within Iraq
  • Current political climate
  • Regional positioning


Impact of Islam

  • Values
  • Islam in everyday life
  • Shi-Sunni split
  • Islam in business


Cultural traditions, values and attitudes

  • Gender issues
  • Attitudes towards Westerners
  • Values
  • Face and honour
  • Differences with other Arabs


Culture and business

  • Hierarchy and status
  • Building relationships and trust
  • Face and reputation issues
  • Attitudes to time and space
  • Meeting and greeting
  • Naming conventions and titles
  • Business cards
  • Rhythm of the day
  • Rhythm of business – work week, religious and cultural holidays
  • Negotiating
  • Working with the public sector


Safety and security

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • What to bring



  • English as the language of business
  • Arabic (and Kurdish if necessary) basics and practicalities
  • Communication styles
  • Content and context
  • Body language and gestures
  • Taboos

Each and every course we deliver is tailored to meet the learners' needs and interests.


Convenient Training Delivery

We incorporate training methods which meet the needs of your employees across global locations, including:

  • face-to-face
  • e-Learning
  • self-study
  • simulations & games
  • mentoring & coaching


Distinguished Cultural Trainers

At Commisceo we personally select and interview all our trainers to ensure they meet our (and our clients) high quality standards.

Before we even look at professional qualifications, we make sure that all our trainers match our company culture, ethos and goals.  Once past this stage we look for 4 key strengths:

  1. Mastery of intercultural communication
  2. Insider knowledge of a country
  3. Experience in industry
  4. Enlightening training style


Enriching Training Style

We want people to leave our courses feeling enriched and fulfilled. We don’t believe this is possible unless we create a course and environment that is positive, engaging, excites and makes you feel open to receiving new information.

For us, the two most crucial ingredients in any course are relevance and fun.

  • We ensure that the training is relevant by spending time consulting with our clients while developing the course to guarantee it meets their needs
  • We keep it fun by making it all about interactivity, self-exploration and challenging exercises

Our trainers lead the way in training and coaching developments and are constantly introducing and using new methods and techniques.

Whether you want a traditional group training course or an elaborate fantasy role-play, we deliver.

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