Online Learning Solutions

Online Learning Solutions

A bespoke, blended approach to online learning covering cultural awareness and global skills training - content, platforms, webinars and more.

In an increasingly global market place, language is key to developing international competence.

Language opens many doors in international business.

  • Increase your global network and opportunities by communicating with prospects previously out of reach
  • Demonstrate international proficiency through language capabilities
  • Enhance the customer experience by speaking the language of your clients
  • Boost your company reputation and increase productivity by motivating your teams to learn a language

We work hand in hand with a specialist online language learning company to provide our clients with the most progressive options in language learning.

Progressive Online Language Learning

Using an online face to face language system your language learning is accelerated through the use of a tuition plan which is tailored to meet your unique language learning needs.

  • Tailored courses and content which are relevant and meaningful to individual learners
  • Instructors with the qualifications and experience essential to quality language provisions
  • Extensive language practice in a one to one environment which is both supportive and challenging
  • Lessons which are scheduled to suit the demanding timetables of international employees

Flexible Language Lessons Where You are in Control

The online learning system is great for individual learners who want to be in control of when they take their lessons. For companies and organisations that offer language courses to employees, the system has in-built tracking and intelligence.

How to Book

Firstly we recommend you review the language learning system - this guide will give you screenshots and show you how the lessons will work.

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