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* Capitalize on Cultural Insights & Boost Job Performance

Our China cultural awareness course has been designed for professionals working with the Chinese, whether remotely or in China itself.

Drawing on 15+ years’ experience in delivering Chinese cultural awareness training, our expert team have developed an engaging online course which skilfully summarises the essential know how and skills needed for foreigners working with the Chinese.

Offering invaluable insights and practical tips, the course boosts job performance by leveraging cultural knowledge in key areas such as communication and relationship building.


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* 8 Chapters of Unique Content on Chinese Culture

This unique course is made up of 8 chapters focusing on specific aspects of Chinese culture which impart a holistic understanding of the people and their approach to work and business.

The topics cover the values in which Chinese culture is rooted, before exploring how these values influence crucial areas such as the communication style and working practices.

In less than an hour, learners explore the following topics:


1. Overview –framing the course content, and benefits, to foreigners working with the Chinese.

2. Religion – uncovering key influences behind the Chinese mindset and the way belief systems shape the culture.

3. Holidays – learning about core, national holidays and the impact on foreigners working with the Chinese.

4. Values – understanding core Chinese values and their impact on the Chinese way of life.

5. Communication Style – exploring the Chinese approach to sharing information, giving opinions and managing disagreements, coupled with essential communication guidance for foreigners.

6. Business Culture – covering critical aspects of Chinese business culture, such as relationship building, dealing with conflict, agreeing outcomes, negotiations and meetings.

7. Etiquette & Taboos – appreciating common taboos and etiquette to ensure foreigners don’t cause unnecessary offence or upset.

8. Stereotypes – affirming that when working with anyone Chinese, it is important not to draw upon stereotypes.


* Enhancing Global Business Skills

Our online course helps professionals develop their global business skills while at the same time raising their cultural awareness of the Chinese.

Business skills included in the course include:

• Influencing
• Teamwork
• Management
• Leadership
• Emotional Intelligence
• Communication
• Problem solving
• Relationship building
• Negotiating
• Presentations


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£70 Access for 365 days


* Assessment, Certification and Reporting

Learners receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course.

Assessment is carried out through quizzes and the application of knowledge to real-life case studies.

Customised reports are available to update Learning and Development staff on individual progress and course completion.


* Professional Audience

The course has been produced with a professional audience in mind, whether from the private sector, government or NGO.

It addresses many of the common cultural challenges faced by foreigners working face to face or remotely with the Chinese, whether clients, colleagues, suppliers or anyone else.


* Benefits of the Content

By taking the course, learners will come to understand their Chinese counterparts in more depth, allowing them to better appreciate their points of view and to make smarter decisions.

This awareness realises many benefits for the learner, including:

• More confidence in their role
• Improved communication skills
• Sharper decision-making
• Better interpersonal relationships
• Less confusion and stress
• Increased productivity

In short, all our courses are designed to help people working across cultures do their jobs better – without the negative impact of cultural differences, biases or stereotypes.


Buy this course
£70 Access for 365 days


* Course Methodology

The online course has been produced to give learners a window into Chinese culture.

The content has been designed by experts and professional trainers in intercultural communication as well as specifically, Chinese culture.

It uses a mix of presentations, video footage, quizzes and supporting resource materials. All are weaved together to provide the learner with a comprehensive overview of everything they need to know about working with the Chinese.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows users to dip in and out of the training at any time, offering flexibility and the ability to learn at their own pace.


* Blended Learning

Although the course is perfect as a stand-alone solution, it can also be used as part of blended learning.

Professionals looking for tailored support or specific insights to help them with their roles can participate in a follow-on live webinar, tailored to meet their needs and delivered by one of our Chinese culture and business specialists. Our webinars provide a valuable opportunity for learners to discuss their own unique challenges.

Our tailored webinars cover a diverse range of topics such as market-entry, negotiations or leadership.

To learn more, please read more about our webinars.


* Team & Org. Licenses

As well as individual licenses, we also provide team or organisational licenses.

Licensing is available for access to the course via our LMS or alternatively, it can be uploaded to the client’s LMS or internal training platform.

Discounts are available as follows:

• 5% discount for orders of 5+ licenses
• 10% discount for orders of 10+ licenses
• 20% discount for orders of 50+ licenses
• 30% discount for orders of 100+ licenses
• 40% discount for orders of 500+ licenses

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how you can license our course.


* White labelling & Reselling

All our courses are also available for white labelling and reselling.

If you would like to generate revenue through sales of our courses or want to buy a license to present our courses as your own, simply get in touch with one of the team.


* Face-to-Face Training

If you prefer face-to-face training, we have an international team of trainers who can assist.

Training usually takes place in-house over the course of a half or full day, with the trainer focusing on specific areas deemed critical by the client during a thorough needs analysis.

Please visit our China training page to learn more.


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