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How Does it Work?

One size does not fit all. That is why we design all our webinars according to our client's needs.

If you have a particular training course in mind simply contact us to discuss what you need.

We will talk through your objectives and aims and from there be able to offer you a proposal covering what your webinar would look like.

As well as the topics, contents and excercises, the proposal will also advise on the best trainer(s) for you.

Once you are happy with the proposal, we set a date and time, send your team the login details and away we go!


Client Case Study

Our client is a UK electronics company which has become a global brand. In recent years the brand has pushed into The Persian Gulf region.

Keen to continue with the success, the marketing team invested in a bespoke webinar to help them understand the cultural landscape of the region – both marketing-wise as well as the national and cultural differences they needed to be aware of.

The course we delivered helped the team better define their best potential markets, the channels they felt would work best for them and the approaches they could take.

With a new sense of direction and confidence the team went on to implement a successful marketing plan to support the company’s sales aspirations regionally.