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Country Specific Cultural Awareness Training

Why Country Specific Training is Important

It is essential that companies entering new international locations fully understand the drivers and expectations of their international target audiences and potential overseas’ employees.

Cultural blunders are less acceptable in our increasingly global economy and the significant miscommunications caused by cultural errors are not so easily forgiven.  The application of a ‘this is how we do it at home’ approach will potentially result in an array of mishaps, including but limited to;  failed expatriate assignments, failed negotiations, rejection by local employees, loss of investment and in some instances loss of reputation.

Entering international markets with a sophisticated degree of intercultural competence and a detailed understanding of the cultural expectations will therefore go a long way in helping a company to drive their business successfully.

How do our Country Specific Cultural Awareness Training Courses benefit your Company?

Commisceo’s Country Specific Cross Cultural Training programmes will equip your staff with an understanding of the new culture within which they will be operating and a strategies to help them navigate and deliver their international objectives successfully.

The broad scope of potential courses under this remit will form essential learning for international project managers, procurement staff managing international suppliers, expatriates, country managers, staff with responsibility for the negotiation of international contracts and those with international sales responsibilities.

Course Content

Our courses are designed and tailored specifically to accommodate your unique business needs.  Since they are not ‘off the shelf’, the list below provides an outline only as to what may be potentially covered.

Our courses cover all global countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between:

An overview of the target country in respect to geography, demographics, political history, religion and economy
Business culture of the target country; including approach to time management, communication styles, hierarchy, teamwork managing ambiguity, physical space, individualism versus collectivism
Approaches to negotiation and meetings
Managing business teams or suppliers within the target country
Strategies for ensuring successful remote teamwork with target country 
Areas most likely to cause cultural offence – the do’s and don’ts
Managing differences positively
Building appropriate business relationships

What Generic Forms might the Training Take?

Our training programmes take a number of forms. Under this umbrella, our country specific cultural awareness programmes are most typically targeted at:

Leaders / Strategists
Sales People
Outbound expatriates
Procurement staff
Remote team managers

Who are the Commisceo Trainers?

Our trainers are quite simply the best intercultural practitioners.  Our selection criteria demands both extensive experience of training delivery to a broad portfolio of international organisations coupled with a professional qualification relevant to the intercultural field.  Our high standards will give you the comfort that your training investment will generate high returns for your organisation.

What Training Methodologies do we Use?

During diagnostic discussions with the client, our trainers will determine the most suitable training methods to meet participant needs and training objectives.  Approaches which meet the needs of one particular company may not meet the needs of another; making the diagnostic session critical when developing successful training programmes. A client who needs their staff to be able to negotiate successfully with Middle Eastern prospects may choose, for example, to create a ‘live scenario’ in which delegates ‘negotiate’ with a group of Middle Eastern actors.  Such sessions are a sure way to truly challenge delegates and ensure that they have the opportunity to practice their skills and knowledge within the context of a ‘safe’ setting. For clients who have staff dialling into a course from around the world, pre-work and discussion within a webinar context may be the most important factors when delivering the training. Commisceo will work with you to determine the most appropriate methods and tools.

Next Steps

We love to chat, so either give us a call on xxxxx or, email us on xxxxx. One of our specialist consultants will then call you to discuss your needs in more detail.

Once you are happy to proceed, you can then trust the expertise of Commisceo to do the rest.


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Why cultural awareness training?

For us, cultural awareness training is about helping people access insights and information that are going to make a critical difference to their roles.

It's so much more than learning about culture, dos and dont's or how to communicate with someone from another culture.

In fact, cross-cultural training helps develops 10 core professional competencies.

  1. Complex Problem Solving
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. People Management
  5. Coordinating with others
  6. Emotional Intelligence
  7. Decision Making
  8. Service Orientation
  9. Negotiation
  10. Cogntive Flexibilty


First-class Cultural Trainers

All Commisceo trainers are hand picked for their expertise in four key areas:

  • Academic knowledge of intercultural communication studies
  • First-hand working knowledge of a specific country/culture/region
  • Industry-specific experience and a broad commercial accumen
  • Inspiring training style with the ability to connect with various levels


The trainer you receive for your training will be the one best suited for you.

For example, if we are training a family moving to Beijing then our trainer would be someone who has been through the move themselves and can give first-hand insights. Similarly, if a manager needs a course on how to remotely manage manufacturing staff in Brazil, their trainer would be someone who has been there and done it. If we are training a team of sales people looking at Qatar, then our trainer is someone who has sold into Qatar.

Our trainers speak with experience, offering learners access to someone that can make an impact in their roles.


Eye-opening Training Approach

We want people who take our courses to leave with their eyes wide open.

We don't believe we can do this unless our training courses engage - this can only come when learning is relevant, fun and enriching.

  • We always make courses relevant through properly understanding needs
  • We always keep courses fun by delivering them in an informal and interactive way
  • We always ensure they are enriching by challenging people to challenge themselves


Pick up new skills. Create winning habits. Boost your prospects when working across cultures.