Title: Commisceo - Global Training Consultancy
Description: Commisceo Global are a training consultancy specialising in global-mindedness training programmes and international business skills courses.
H1: Our History & Ethos

Our company began life as another company called Kwintessential. Founded in the UK in 2004, it provided translation services as well as cultural awareness courses and business training.  In 2014, the translation half of the business was acquired by another agency; as part of the sale, the training half of the business was to split away into a new entity.

Commisceo Global became that new entity.

Why Commisceo? Our name is in essence what we do, what we are about as a company and as individual people working as a team, for you.

Commisceo is Latin with a meaning of “to unite, to mix, to mingle”, in other words to bring about togetherness through interaction, through understanding and knowledge transfer. The inference is that unity is the fruit of shared coming together.

In today’s hyper-globalised world, many businesses and organisations now want employees with the skills needed to work abroad and cross-culturally. Great investment goes into training courses, bespoke in-house programmes, intranet content and the likes in order to teach these skills.

When looking at training solutions what we don’t believe is healthy is the type of cultural awareness education that is simmered down to knowing dos and don'ts or learning a list of bullet points on how to negotiate with the Chinese. This is just information. This is skin deep and in fact, we argue, it’s counterproductive as it reinforces stereotypes about a people and closes doors to alternative levels of understanding.

We take a different route. We emphasise self-critique, skills based cultural understanding and experiential learning. Our focus is more on creating ‘global mindedness’.

What do we do? You could best see us as a consultancy or training provider with a particular expertise in the areas of working globally, cultural awareness skills and international training, i.e. the building blocks of global-mindedness.

Much of what we do is designing bespoke training courses for business and organisations. We do this worldwide, in all languages, across sectors. These are either one-off workshops or can be much more detailed and long-term projects. We are flexible, creative and collaborative in our approach which has resulted in the creation of some innovative projects over the years.

Next to our training courses we also offer consultative services such as programme design, needs analysis, training adaptation, course content authorship, emerging markets training and mystery shopping. For some clients we simply act as a sounding board offering feedback on internal learning and development.

write something about easy to hand solutions, online products and easy long term access.

In short, we specialise in finding solutions, building programmes, courses and content that help give people the skills needed to work globally and/or across cultures.

Other training companies will want to sell you the fact they can give your employees cultural awareness, cultural competence, intercultural sensitivity or cross-cultural communication skills. We prefer to focus on giving you employees who can create relationships with people, regardless of where they come from, that result in better business performance and positive working environment.

Title: Global & Intercultural Skills Training
Description: Expert training company providing training courses across the globe on culture, cross-cultural communication and international business skills.
H1: Pioneering Training Courses in Cultural Awareness and Global Business Skills

As a training company we are very niche in what we do and how we do it.

Firstly, we are very focused in terms of what we do. We are passionate about people, business and culture - we only give our energy to training that has an international, intercultural, multicultural or diversity angle.

Secondly, we follow a particular training approach that places emphasis on self-reflection, re-education and emotional insight - although challenging this produces real results in both people and organisations.

In short, if you are looking for an innovative training provider with a solid background in courses concerning working internationally and cross-culturally, then you can stop looking.

Which training course for you?

If you have a particular training objective in mind, most of the courses we deliver are bespoke so simply contact us to discuss what you need. From there we can advise on potential content, format, pricing, etc. tailored specifically for you.

Our expertise and know-how covers 6 key areas:

Online - Country Specific - Equality & Diversity - Leadership - International Business - Relocation

Our Training Approach

Our name, Commisceo, perfectly describes our training ethos.

Commisceo is Latin, meaning “to unite, to mix, to mingle”; it infers that through people coming together, mingling and sharing knowledge, that unity can be brought about. In other words, cross-cultural understanding is achieved through these actions.

Many businesses and organisations understand that their staff need this understanding - with the global economy more important than ever they are investing in training, courses, resources and intranet content to bring about “cultural competence”, “cultural sensitivity” or “cultural awareness”.

We believe many of the cultural awareness courses on offer today are defunct; they are based on old, tired, monocultural paradigms and on top of that stick to the standard training-room-style format. Very few achieve “cultural awareness” - in fact, if anything many courses entrench people further in their own cultural definitions rather than allow them to break free of them which is exactly what is needed.

As leaders in cultural awareness training and coaching we have adopted a different approach.. We emphasise self-critique, skills based cultural understanding and experiential learning.

Our focus is more on creating ‘global mindedness’. We don’t want “culturally conscious” people at the end of our courses, we want “culturally unconscious” people in that culture never becomes an issue for them; they don’t even think about culture as they have the skills, insight and know-how to think beyond this and see things holistically. No matter where in the world, or who they work with, they know how to make things work.

Our Trainers

We are very proud of our trainers; we truly believe they are the creme de la creme in terms of their know-how and more importantly, how they relate to and educate others.

Professionally all our trainers are people from industry. If we deliver a course for you on management in Indonesia, our trainer would have been a manager in Indonesia. If we are designing and delivering a team-building course for a global brand, our trainer would have been a manager of a multicultural team for a global brand. Our trainers are picked specifically for individual clients based on professional experience.

Trainers are also chosen for their training styles and charisma; we don’t do ‘stand in front of audience and talk’ training. Our style is engaging, interactive, explorative and creative. All our trainers reflect this in how they deliver. Although all are natural motivators and educators, they all keep abreast of innovations and developments in methodologies, tools and the like.

The final requisite for our trainers is to wholeheartedly share our beliefs in why and how we train people. A shared ethos ensures our clients receive outstanding consultancy pre- and post-training.

Course Formats

The format a training course(s) takes usually depends on the client; each come with particular needs which we accommodate.

We can provide in-house training, off-site training, themed events, e-learning, webinars, hands-on coaching, simulations, manuals, lectures or blended learning. Essentially we will work with you to ensure the training is delivered in the most productive way possible.
As an international company, we deliver courses worldwide.

Book a Course

If you have a training need in mind, or would simply like to explore such a possibility, please contact us and one of our team will walk you through options and how we can help you.

Country Specific Cultural Awareness Training

Why Country Specific Training is Important

It is essential that companies entering new international locations fully understand the drivers and expectations of their international target audiences and potential overseas’ employees.

Cultural blunders are less acceptable in our increasingly global economy and the significant miscommunications caused by cultural errors are not so easily forgiven.  The application of a ‘this is how we do it at home’ approach will potentially result in an array of mishaps, including but limited to;  failed expatriate assignments, failed negotiations, rejection by local employees, loss of investment and in some instances loss of reputation.

Entering international markets with a sophisticated degree of intercultural competence and a detailed understanding of the cultural expectations will therefore go a long way in helping a company to drive their business successfully.

How do our Country Specific Cultural Awareness Training Courses benefit your Company?

Commisceo’s Country Specific Cross Cultural Training programmes will equip your staff with an understanding of the new culture within which they will be operating and a strategies to help them navigate and deliver their international objectives successfully.

The broad scope of potential courses under this remit will form essential learning for international project managers, procurement staff managing international suppliers, expatriates, country managers, staff with responsibility for the negotiation of international contracts and those with international sales responsibilities.

Course Content

Our courses are designed and tailored specifically to accommodate your unique business needs.  Since they are not ‘off the shelf’, the list below provides an outline only as to what may be potentially covered.

Our courses cover all global countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between:

An overview of the target country in respect to geography, demographics, political history, religion and economy
Business culture of the target country; including approach to time management, communication styles, hierarchy, teamwork managing ambiguity, physical space, individualism versus collectivism
Approaches to negotiation and meetings
Managing business teams or suppliers within the target country
Strategies for ensuring successful remote teamwork with target country 
Areas most likely to cause cultural offence – the do’s and don’ts
Managing differences positively
Building appropriate business relationships

What Generic Forms might the Training Take?

Our training programmes take a number of forms. Under this umbrella, our country specific cultural awareness programmes are most typically targeted at:

Leaders / Strategists
Sales People
Outbound expatriates
Procurement staff
Remote team managers

Who are the Commisceo Trainers?

Our trainers are quite simply the best intercultural practitioners.  Our selection criteria demands both extensive experience of training delivery to a broad portfolio of international organisations coupled with a professional qualification relevant to the intercultural field.  Our high standards will give you the comfort that your training investment will generate high returns for your organisation.

What Training Methodologies do we Use?

During diagnostic discussions with the client, our trainers will determine the most suitable training methods to meet participant needs and training objectives.  Approaches which meet the needs of one particular company may not meet the needs of another; making the diagnostic session critical when developing successful training programmes. A client who needs their staff to be able to negotiate successfully with Middle Eastern prospects may choose, for example, to create a ‘live scenario’ in which delegates ‘negotiate’ with a group of Middle Eastern actors.  Such sessions are a sure way to truly challenge delegates and ensure that they have the opportunity to practice their skills and knowledge within the context of a ‘safe’ setting. For clients who have staff dialling into a course from around the world, pre-work and discussion within a webinar context may be the most important factors when delivering the training. Commisceo will work with you to determine the most appropriate methods and tools.

Next Steps

We love to chat, so either give us a call on xxxxx or, email us on xxxxx. One of our specialist consultants will then call you to discuss your needs in more detail.

Once you are happy to proceed, you can then trust the expertise of Commisceo to do the rest.


Title: Equality & Diversity Training Courses
Description: Respected equality & diversity training provider, Commisceo Global, help clients with courses on inclusion, equal opportunities and cultural awareness.
H1: Training on Equality, Diversity & Discrimination

Workplace diversity is a hot issue for many of our clients. As businesses and organisations become more international, they become more multicultural. If this meeting of cultures is left unmanaged it can sometimes lead to challenges, whether legal, performance or morale related.

Adopting a coherent and positive approach to workplace cultural diversity is fundamental to ensuring the people dynamics match the needs of the organisation.

Our clients come to us needing help with developing policies, best practices, training courses and educational content around the topic of equality and diversity.

We focus on culture, nationality, faith and teamwork within equality as opposed to areas such as disability and sexuality.

The majority of our work carried out within cultural diversity, equality and inclusion is done so in order to “fix” a workplace issue; this means that there are no off-the-shelf solutions. We work with stakeholders to better understand problems, forces involved, objectives, practical constraints, etc and from there design courses to address their specific issues.

To discover how we can help you or your organisation, please contact one of the team and we’ll talk you through what we can do for you.

Due to popular demand we currently offer 3 diversity-themed training courses which are available as off-the-shelf solutions or as frameworks upon which we add further bespoke elements.

Diversity and Inclusion
Women in International Business
Islam - Breaking Stereotypes

Title: Cross-Cultural Leadership & Management Training
Description: Commisceo Global -  over 10 years experience in delivering world-class cross-cultural training courses on management and leadership.
H1: Cross-Cultural Leadership & Management Training

Management and leadership across the board, whether within a rural business or a FTSE500 company, today require cross-cultural skills.

The increasing movement of people now means our workplaces and becoming more and more multicultural. This cultural diversity offers organisations a rich resource; however if left unmanaged, it can become a lethal recipe for failure.

We have been working with companies from all walks of life for over 10 years in training management and leadership talent in areas such as cross-cultural communication, cultural diversity and specifically how to adapt management styles and techniques in order to become a fuller, more valued leader.

Our aim within our courses is not to simply deliver a presentation of facts about culture. Our aim is to build better leaders - professionals from all levels of management who can truly look after a team in all respects, whether that is motivation or creating harmony within a multicultural team.

Bespoke - within our bespoke offering we have experience and expertise in a range of training solutions. We have designed management training courses for global roll-out; we have built and written e-Learning content; we have given keynote speeches to business leaders; we have helped an A-Z of clients in a number of ways help their management and leadership levels acquire the skills and know-how to drive their teams forward.

When using our bespoke service, it is simply a case of contacting us and starting a conversation about your needs and objectives. From there we can offer advice, alternative ideas, budget indications and cover major milestones. Once a client has a firm idea of what they want, we are commissioned and start creating. We are 100% flexible, adaptable and non-conventional - whatever you may want, we can do it and do it well.

Ready-to-Go! As well as our bespoke service we offer 3 ready-to-go courses which have been designed as generic courses for those needing cross-cultural management and leadership training.

These courses are based on over a decade’s worth of experience at working with managers across many sectors and industries dealing with all manner of multicultural challenges. We have condensed the major learning points into these courses which serve as solid introductions to themes around intercultural management.

All are available as off-the-shelf solutions or as frameworks upon which we add further bespoke elements.

Remote and Virtual Teams
Matrix Teams
Multicultural Teams

If you have a specific need or question in mind which is not covered here, please feel free to contact one of the team via email, phone or social media.

Title: Global Business Skills & Mindset Training
Description: Dynamic training courses focusing on the skills & mindset needing to work successfully within the global business environment.
H1: Global Business Skills Courses

Since 2004 we have worked with the full spectrum of businesses and organisations. Despite the sometimes huge differences between them in size, scope or success they all share one thing - they all want to succeed on the global stage and they have come to Commisceo to help them do so.

Why us? In short, it because we know what it takes to succeed globally - it’s not only about skills, it’s also about mindset.

Our training courses are all designed to help our clients not only learn about how to deal with “the other” in terms of other nationalities and cultures, but also how to deal with themselves in terms of their own potential inner barriers or biases that could be holding back their professional development.

Covering a comprehensive range of topics, all our global business skills training courses have been designed and developed using our own experience collated from delivering cross-cultural consultancy, training and research for over 10 years. As well as sound and robust content, our training methods embrace positive, self-reflective, fun and engaging means of ways of helping people come to certain conclusions or to make commitments to change.

Our global business skills courses are available as off-the-shelf solutions or as frameworks upon which we further tailor elements.

Customer Service
Social Media
Cultural Awareness
Presentation Skills

If you have a course in mind which you can’t see, or a question about a course, please get in touch with one of the team via email, phone or social media.

Title: Global Training Consultancy
Description: Commisceo Global, the cross-cultural training consultancy delivering creative & culture-savvy skills-based learning solutions.
H1: Creative Training Consultancy

We love our consultancy work; getting our teeth stuck into ‘live’ business issues for a client always tests our creative jaws.

We take the time out to connect with clients, to understand their goals; the wider context is so important for us. Our magic comes in translating our client needs into something tangible in a way that helps people interact, think and learn.

Our consultancy covers many areas, notably course design, strategy, content creation, communications, marketing, cross-cultural skills, global thinking, sales and emerging markets.

Projects we have recently developed, designed and delivered include:

Authorship of global business guides covering 50+ countries for an American University
Creation of a self-study guide to cultural awareness for an international trade body
Mystery shopping & customer service improvement report for a worldwide fashion brand
Translating, localizing and delivering a corporate training course to new employees in Russia
Advising the sales team of a global electronics on how to prospect and win sales in Middle East.
Development of a global leadership strategy for talent management stakeholders at a global bank

We are flexible and we don’t shy from a challenge.

Clients like working with us because we are firstly, nice people. We also like working with nice people. Meaning it’s all very nice…

We also care about training and we care about the people we work with, i.e. you, and what you are trying to accomplish. We get involved and we want positive, innovative results.

As well as our full attention, you will also benefit from our extensive know-how.

We have a wealth of experience from across sectors. You will always be in-tune with what the market is doing.
We have an excellent global network. International training delivery and global acumen is what we are all about.
We keep our ideas fresh, constantly looking for new ways of teaching, new ways of delivering powerful content that appeals and gets results

If you have an idea you want to explore, a project to discuss or thought to share, please contact us as we would love to hear more.

Title: Globally-Minded Resources
Description: Free information and paid resources on cultural awareness, cross cultural training, global working, intercultural competence and global mindedness.
H1: Resources for the Global-Minded

We love writing about what we do. That’s why we put a lot of time into our resources section.

Here you will find a mix of free information and paid resources on topics centred around global mindedness, i.e. the mindframe needed to work with people from anywhere.

Whether it’s etiquette guides, quizzes, self-study guides or articles, you can access them all in one place.

Our most popular pages for business people and academics alike are our country profiles. Here you will find information relating to the culture of a particular country. These guides help guide complete beginners in their understanding of a foreign country. For those a wanting more in-depth analysis, our country reports are packed with rich information.

Loved by school children as well business people, our quizzes are a fun way of learning facts about a new country’s culture, etiquette, beliefs or history. For managers working abroad, we have the far more serious management guides which offer great tips on how to possibly adapt your management style when working in a new country.

For a complete library of articles and information about cultural awareness, cross-cultural business, international business and everything else we find interesting, visit and search our editorial section.

If there is anything you would like to see added to this section, or if you wish to use some of our materials, please contact one of the team.

Title: Country and Cultural Insight Reports
Description: Access expert cultural reports - instant reference & invaluable insights into countries including culture, business, language and people.
H1: Country and Cultural Insight Reports

Our series of country insight reports are designed for those who have an interest in a particular country and need to get to grips with local conditions.

You may be an importer, a teacher, a researcher or a business person. Whether you are travelling to a country or simply wanting to easy to access info and insights about one, our country reports are designed to increase the reader’s awareness of a specific country / culture in order to maximise their potential when working there.

In essence, we have condensed elements of our expert cultural awareness training courses into these reports - bringing you the crucial facts and figures as well as the cultural awareness needed to effectively work in or with the country.

Our reports are written for a wide audience, and all follows a very simple, logical format.

An introduction to the country, its history, politics, people and culture.
An understanding of the target country’s values, customs and etiquette and their possible impact on work and social life.
Tips on preparing to work with new colleagues from the target country.
An accurate portrayal of daily life in the target destination.
Guidelines and tools on adapting and dealing with cultural differences.
Practical information and useful links.

Each country report will slightly differ in terms of content depending on what the most salient information is for a visitor or newcomer to the culture. Most however will expand upon topics such as:

Safety and security
Culture and society
Business culture, etiquette, customs, and protocol

Title: Country Profiles - Global Guide to Culture, Customs and Etiquette
Description: International guide to the culture, customs, social and business etiquette from countries around the world.
H1: Global Country Guides to Culture, Customs and Etiquette

Free International Etiquette Guides

Understanding other people's languages, cultures, etiquettes and taboos is of great value to the traveller or visiting business person.

We bring you information on over 80+ countries. Topics include language, useful phrases, the society, culture, business and social etiquettes.

Please feel free to share comments you may have about our guides as we are always looking to improve the quality and accuracy of information.

Warning! Culture is not static!

It is important to bear in mind that these guides act as basic and general introductions only. They are not in any way definitive. We do not intend to stereotype, pigeon-hole or try to quantify any culture or people.

Each society, country and culture will have numerous nuances that would make it irresponsible to suggest a uniform approach to understanding any country's social/business culture or etiquette. One also has to take into account the personal cultures of individuals, whether they be religious, regional, gender, corporate or otherwise. However, loose guidelines can assist in bettering understanding and avoiding offence; and these guides are meant only to achieve that.

Title: Intercultural Management Guides
Description: Free guides on being a manager in foreign countries. Discover invaluable information about management styles, business culture and expectations.
H1: Intercultural Management Guides

The flow of business personnel internationally has meant that people are now having to work more and more in foreign environments and alongside people of different cultures.

Being a manager in a foreign country is never an easy task. One has to deal with differences in business culture, etiquette, man-management styles, communication styles and much more.

Our guides to intercultural management below are arranged on a country-by-country basis.

Each guide offers some valuable advice and tips of being a manager in that particular country. The guides look at a range of topics including
management styles,
business management,
project management,
time management and
management skills.

It is important to bear in mind that these guides act as basic and general introductions only. We do not intend to stereotype, pigeon-hole or try to quantify any culture or people. Each society, country and culture will have numerous nuances that would make it irresponsible to suggest a uniform approach to understanding any country's social/business culture or management style.