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At a time where more and more of us are being encouraged to build walls against 'the other', we are making a commitment to break them down through creating greater understanding between peoples and cultures.

Through our courses we help people gain the mindset, skills and knowledge to work positively in today's global economy and live in today's multicultural world. As well as imparting invaluable business know-how, our training solutions bring about change; change in how we see the world, ourselves and how we perceive the differences between us.

If you are looking for a global training company that lives and breathes culture, you are exactly in the right place.

Helping People Working Internationally

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Expat Relocation TrainingResearch shows that the inability to adapt to a new culture is amongst the most cited reasons for relocation failure.

Arriving in a new country with the right mindset is key to long-term success.

For +10 years we have been working with the global mobility sector in helping expatriates get ready for new lives in new countries through cultural training.

We take the sting out of move and help our clients get excited and properly prepared for their new host culture. 

Global Mobility Culture Training - Helping People Settle In

We deliver a range of solutions for global mobility teams and relocation companies from training courses to post-arrival orientation tours to language lessons to coaching.

Our role is to increase awareness of a new country or culture, how living and working there might throw up some challenges and how to remain adaptable and open to difference and change.

All our relocation training solutions are designed according to who we are training, why and where they are moving to.

Some participants need assistance with the new work culture, some prefer help with how to overcome mental challenges, others simply need help orientating themselves around a city - no matter what the need, we have the answers ready.

If you are looking for training support for yourself, colleagues or clients, please contact us.

We cover all countries, all languages, all locations and all requirements.

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Tips on Doing Business in Iran

Iran is slowly opening up. Plenty of companies are now investing in the country from Europe, Asia and S. America. Although a warm and inviting country, for those new to Iran cultural awareness is a must. This blog is a great introduction to some of the cultural considerations of working with Iranians.

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Cultural Awareness Manual

Grab a Copy of our Self-Study Guide to Cultural Awareness

We are on a mission - we are serious about trying to make the world a better place through helping people develop not only awareness of others, but awareness of themselves. As such we always try to keep a balance between work for profit and work for the cause! So go and get yourself a free copy our of self-study guide to developing both self and cultural awareness at work.

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Online Resources Cultural Awareness

Insightful Guides to Global Business Desintations

Straightforward e-guides to countries and their cultures written by experts in cross-cultural training from the world of business. Perfect for anyone wanting an insight into potential cultural challenges prior to working in a foreign country. Get your copy within seconds.

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Top-Selling Courses

Cultural Awareness

Our most in-demand training course for +10 years - suited for anyone needing the skills and know-how to work positively across cultures .

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Cross-Cultural Leadership

Leading culturally-diverse teams can be challenging - we have helped 100s of leaders improve business performance through training.

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Multicultural Teams

'Culture clash' can damage teams when left unchecked - our courses break down barriers, build trust and leave teams with a new sense of cohesion and purpose.

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Cross-Cultural Negotiation

We help clients understand how to approach negotiations when working internationally or across cultures, helping create successful outcomes .

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