Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Fine-tune your leadership and management skills with one of our personalised training courses - flexible, engaging courses helping global professionals.

Why Multicultural Leadership is Important

Single culture teams are becoming increasingly rare as companies continue to expand their presence on the global stage. If individuals are not physically working within a multicultural team then it’s very likely they will be at least working virtually with team members outside of their home country. Equipped with diverse perspectives and standpoints, well bonded multicultural teams offer boundless potential.

Proper leadership and management of multicultural teams is needed in order to get the best out of them; if the cultural dynamics are not properly managed, it can and often does lead to poor team morale and perfomance.

Multicultural teams offer businesses the chance to really build creative, positive, energectic, well-balanced people in their organisations. It is the leaders that help make this happen.

How do our Multicultural Leadership Courses benefit you?

We help managers and leaders from all levels realise the positive potential of cultural diversity. As well as learning how to read between cultural lines, our training courses equip people with the skills necessary to practically manage such teams.

Blending theory with practicality, our courses are designed to address the specific needs of the audience. Whether someone is managing a multicultural team in the UK, remote teams across many sites or leading an international company, we suit the contents to their demands and needs. Some might need help with understanding how to motivate and inspire, others how to assert authority. Once we understand

Our training courses will help leaders build a sense of trust and multicultural collectivism amongst team members. It will help individuals to understand the different starting points of their contributing cultures and the way in which these cultures affect work expectations and values. The course will also help individuals to appreciate the types of challenges which are most likely to emerge when individuals from their specific cultures come together to work; equipping them with strategies for managing potential differences and ensuring that positive communication is actively nurtured within the team.

Course Content

No two businesses are the same and, as such, neither are our training courses. Understanding the exclusive needs of our individual clients is a paramount first step in course design. The final course outline is therefore valid to the needs of your organisation and ensures that your staff are trained to manage effectively in the long term.

Outlined below, however, are some examples of areas often covered in Multicultural Teamwork related training:

    • Helping team members understand the dynamics of the cultures within their teams and where differences might lie
    • Encouraging self-reflection of individual drivers in respect to work expectations and values
    • Reviewing potential areas of conflict and exploring ways for managing differences going forwards
    • Promoting team synergy and cohesion through proven strategies and frameworks
    • Exploring team goals and objectives for the long term to ensure that team performance is maximised

Who are the Commisceo Trainers?

Commisceo trainers are seasoned professionals with expertise in their specialist area. With a minimum of five years training delivery across global companies and a respective intercultural qualification, you can rest assured that Commisceo will deliver high quality, innovative and cutting edge training solutions to your staff.

What Training Methodologies do we Use?

When developing our training courses, the Commisceo trainer will establish the unique learning needs and learning preferences of the participants. How do they do this? They do this through detailed discussion with the individual commissioning the training and the outputs of any pre-training analysis which may be carried out. These elements are then reviewed in line with the intended training objectives and the necessary methodologies are subsequently determined. Where possible, the training is made as interactive as possible as our experience shows that most people learn through practical engagement. Our methods are also determined by the geographic location of our clients. For example, some team members may be in Germany whilst other team members may be dialling in remotely via an online tool from the Middle East.

Next Steps

Please contact us.

Following a telephone or face to face consultation with one of our trainers, you will then receive a course outline which is tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business and the teams for whom the course is needed.

Once done, you can then trust the expertise of Commisceo to do the rest.

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