Management Leadership Training Programmes

Today's manager, whether whether within a rural business or a FTSE500 company, requires cross-cultural leadership skills.

The increasing movement of people across borders now means our workplaces and becoming more and more multicultural. This cultural diversity offers organisations a rich resource; however if left unmanaged, it can become a lethal recipe for failure.

We have been working with companies from all walks of life for over 10 years in providing management and leadership courses in areas such as cross-cultural communication, cultural diversity and specifically how to adapt management styles and techniques in order to become a fuller, more valued leader.

Building Bridges with Better Leaders

Our aim within our leadership training courses is not to simply deliver a presentation of facts about culture.

Our aim is to build better leaders - professionals from all levels of management who can truly look after a team in all respects, whether that is motivation or creating harmony within a multicultural team.

Clients come to us for our ability to design and develop bespoke courses - they feel they need expertise.

We have designed management training courses for global roll-out; we have built and written e-Learning content; we have given keynote speeches to business leaders; we have helped an A-Z of clients in a number of ways help their management and leadership levels acquire the skills and know-how to drive their teams forward.

Creating a Global Management Culture: Case Study

A global brand with offices in over 80+ countries and over 3,000+ staff worldwide was trying to adopt and create a "global management style", i.e. a particular way of managing and leading people that would reflect the company's goals and values. They needed a training company who could work with them to offer consultancy on the development of the program and creation of content for a module on 'managing across cultures'. We delivered on both as well as the actual training of managers across the globe for a 2 year period.

If you have a particular need in mind, best thing to do is contact us.

From there we can offer advice, alternative ideas, budget indications and cover major milestones. Once a client has a firm idea of what they want, we are commissioned and start creating.

We are 100% flexible, adaptable and non-conventional - whatever you may want, we can do it and do it well.

Ready-to-Go Courses

As well as our bespoke service we offer 3 ready-to-go courses which have been designed as generic training for those needing cross-cultural management and leadership training.

These courses are based on over a decade’s worth of experience at working with managers across many sectors and industries dealing with all manner of multicultural challenges.

We have condensed the major learning points into these courses which serve as solid introductions to themes around intercultural management.