Global Business Skills Courses

Global Business Skills Courses

Becoming a global business ninja is more than just skill - it's also about flexibility and focus. We've been training clients for +10 years in how to succeed internationally.

Why Sales Training is Important

Even the best sales person can find themselves out of their depth when confronted with selling on an international basis. The ability to make a good first impression, negotiate and close deals within one’s home country can be significantly challenged when confronted with the values and expectations of a prospect in a different cultural setting. The way you sell to someone in the Kuwait, for instance, is very different to the way in which you may sell to someone in Germany.

All too many companies invest considerable time and money into creating a strong overseas’ offering which subsequently fails to deliver when the sales person blunders their way through a poorly informed sales process. Through understanding the needs of your international clients properly, such gaffes can be avoided and cultural differences can be harnessed to your advantage.

How do our Sales Training Courses benefit your Company?

Our broad Sales Training offering will equip you and your teams with a thorough understanding of the different layers of the sales process within your target markets; ensuring that your international ventures are both lucrative and successful and that your overall sales process is reduced.

The training courses offered under this broad umbrella will help you avoid potential issues or misunderstandings by equipping your sales teams with an appreciation of the risks and challenges which they will undoubtedly face. Your sales teams will leave the course with the skills to build good rapport and convey to your prospects the positive impressions which are so important to closing deals.

Course Content

Your business is unique and as such your sales training needs are unique. Commisceo adopts a purely tailored approach to training development; ensuring that the course you commission truly meets the needs of your individual business and, as such, impacts the success of your sales teams in the long term.

  • What might you hope to cover in our Sales Training courses?
  • The sales process in diverse multicultural settings, or, in specific international locations
  • The unique motivations and buying behaviours of your international prospects
  • Understanding cultural priorities during the sales process
  • The most effective approaches to build rapport and gain buy-in with your international prospects
  • Culturally relevant frameworks to ‘close the deal’
  • Recognising and managing intercultural dilemmas which may arise during the sales process
  • Dealing with a demanding mixed international customer base in areas such as retail or call centres
  • In a retail setting: dealing with customer complaints, rebates, buyer expectations and enhancing the international customer experience

What Forms might the Training Take?

The shape of the training would be driven by your unique business needs. Examples include:

  • Building an International Sales Strategy
  • Telesales within Broad International or Multicultural Settings
  • Sales Objection Training within International or Multicultural Settings
  • Sales in the Retail Environment
  • Face to Face Sales within Specific International Environments
  • Targeting International Prospects via Email Campaigns

Who are the Commisceo Trainers?

Commisceo trainers are recruited for their strong background in both training delivery across global companies, coupled with a detailed specialism within their chosen field. Our extremely high standards dictate that our trainers are the best positioned within the intercultural field to deliver high quality, effective training solutions.

What Training Methodologies do we Use?

A key factor of our training courses is ensuring that they successfully meet the respective requirements of our client base and, as such, a diverse array of training methodologies are used. The trainer delivering your training courses will utilise a balanced approach of discussion, scenarios, group activities and lectures to ensure that the session is engaging and that individuals leave it having participated in a broad range of learning frameworks.

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One of our training consultants will then discuss your needs with you and develop a training proposal which responds directly to your business requirements. This conversation can be either face to face or via the telephone / Skype.

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