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We are on a mission. A mission to increase the peace.

At a time where more and more of us are being encouraged to put up barriers against "the other" we are making a commitment to break them down through developing greater understanding between peoples and cultures.

Through our cross-cultural training courses we help people gain the mindset, skills and knowledge to work positively in today's global economy. As well as imparting invaluable business know-how, our programs and workshops also bring about change; change in how we see the world, ourselves and how we see difference.

If you are looking for a global training company that lives and breathes culture, you are exactly in the right place.

What Makes Us Tick?

Helping People Working Internationally

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peace through understanding

retail crosscultural differences

The Retail Sector: Why You Should Never Underestimate Culture

Believe it or not, millions if not billions have been won & lost off the back of cultural differences. In this article we use case studies from retail to illustrate why cultural know-how and skills are so critical in business today.

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Cultural Awareness Manual

Grab a Copy of our Self-Study Guide to Cultural Awareness

We are on a mission - we are serious about trying to make the world a better place through helping people develop not only awareness of others, but awareness of themselves. As such we always try to keep a balance between work for profit and work for the cause! So go and get yourself a free copy our of self-study guide to developing both self and cultural awareness at work.

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Online Resources Cultural Awareness

Insightful Guides to Global Business Desintations

Straightforward e-guides to countries and their cultures written by experts in cross-cultural training from the world of business. Perfect for anyone wanting an insight into potential cultural challenges prior to working in a foreign country. Get your copy within seconds.

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Top-Selling Courses

Cultural Awareness

Our most in-demand training course for +10 years - suited for anyone needing the skills and know-how to work positively across cultures .

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Leadership & Management

Leading across cultural lines can be challenging - we have helped 100s of leaders improve business performance through cultural awareness.

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Multicultural Teams

'Culture clash' can damage teams when left unchecked - our courses break down barriers, build trust and leave teams with a new sense of cohesion and purpose.

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Customer Service

We help clients give top-notch customer service internationally and across cultures, boosting sales and securing loyalty .

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